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Scenarios wrapped in five-scenario mini-campaigns. They are meant to be tackled in order, but each mini-campaign can usually be run in isolation.

You can view or download these files as .doc file for Word, or as .pdf files for Adobe Acrobat.
Word documents might require a little reformatting if your Word defaults are set differently to mine. Adobe documents will retain formating but are bigger files.

You can also download zipped versions of either format.

Remember: If the scenario mentions something not standard in the GURPS system, it will be covered in the Gameworld section.

Okay. I have a problem.
The campaign scenarios I have written are "live"; that is, they have been playtested by one group and are currently being played, or are yet to be played by my present group.
If I publish them, my group will read them. They will, I know it.
Soooo. I shall only publish the scenarios after they have been played. In this way I not only keep them secret for my players but also effectively get yet another playtest. All those annoying little discrepancies can be ironed out, and ideas added.
I can also write a little section after each scenario to say what happened in the campaign I am running.
My apologies for having to wait.



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