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Miniatures Gallery

Photos of my miniatures. Some are Saduria-related, others are just here for my own vanity....
Where possible, I have including a link in the description. This is either to the current website of the miniature's manufacturer, or to a site showing the mini as it was first advertised or released.
You will have to forgive my photography, it is my first time photographing miniatures and I am replying on the camera's automatic function. In the future I will get some external lighting (rather than the flash - which is a bit harsh) and increase the depth of field to get more of the miniatures in focus!
I have to say that seeing my work in glorious close-up really knocks my confidence in my ability with the paintbrush! Must get that detail more exact. I also have gained far greater respect for the painters whose work can be seen that close and still look great.
Pictures were originally 10 megapixel which makes for a large file but enables you to zoom in close without losing too much sharpness. These took up a lot of memory, however (about 2Mb per photo), so I reduced the size of the pictures before uploading them. I have also reduced the size of the pictures being displayed, simply to save space. If you choose to see the file at its full size just click on the thumbnail as normal .

Some of the figures here were painted a long time ago, others within a year or so. Both my style and technique have changed over time, and I have been using acrylic paints for the last ten years or so, whereas before I would use enamels. Some figures (the older ones) look a little ragged compared with more recent ones. I have a deliberate policy of not repainting figures which do not yet look too bad, simply because I have thousands (literally) yet to paint and need to make them my priority.


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