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A fairly typical group of adventurers, at home in any fantasy RPG.

The female rogue will be familiar to older White Dwarf readers as Griselda (famous throughout Pavis). She is an old Citadel miniature from the White Dwarf Personalities boxed set.
The jolly friar is one of an old Grenadier set of monks.
The fighter is a old Citadel Lords of Battle one of a boxed set.


I love this banshee figure and use her whenever I can. She has stood in for nearly every spiritual undead that I have used, and is a also a regular feature of my Warhammer Vampire army.

Citadel Banshee.


Slightly foppish, but he is a fairly stereotypical D&D-style bard. He has also filled in as a rogue, noble and (memorably) a woman disguised as a man.

I think this guy is either Ral Partha or Grenadier, but I honestly can't remember. After saying that, he is probably Metal Magic.


This sorry-looking guy is difficult to use as anything except a beggar. He has seen action in WHFRP, but also as a beggar contact in other games.

Old Citadel miniature, one of the Villagers and Townsfolk range.


Possibly not too useful as a typical cleric, this guy makes a good NPC bishop or high priest.

Old Citadel figure, one of the Villagers and Townsfolk range.


Heavy cannon are not really part of most RPGs, and as Saduria has no gunpowder, this model is not too useful even there. However, I do like it!

Foundry miniatures.


Comments as above. Maybe a scenario could include a cannon, but it would be rare for it make an appearance in any of my RPGs.

Foundry miniatures.


He is a figure of a Celtic-esque god, Conann of the Horse's Head, but makes a good chaos monster or slightly unusual ogre.

Alternative Armies, from their Celtic (Erin) gods.


A one-off figure I painted up to be the clay golem maidservant in one of my Saduria scenarios ("Nexus").

A very old (1981!) Citadel serving wench. If, like me, you remember seeing the figure in the old A5 catalogue then you need your old cardigan and hot milky drink.


Every town has guild leaders, mayors and so on, who either hire the PCs or act against them.

Old Citadel miniatures again, from the townsfolk range; labelled respectively,Noble, Teugen, and Mastersmith.

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