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This guy was the figure for a D&D cleric for several years. For me, he empitomises the warrior priest idea that D&D clerics represent. He is also a regular as a Warhammer FB warrior priest.

An old Citadel miniature, one of the Lords of Battle boxed set.


This guy is a good example of an experienced Sadurian fighter (or would be, if he lost the pistol). He is also one of regulars in my WHFB Empire army.

Citadel miniatures.


A miniature to represent the Sadurian fighter of status. Wearing just a cuirass is an excellent way to maximise protection with low weight!

Citadel miniatures.


A fighter for all systems. Full plate armour is useful no matter what fantasy game you play!

Old Citadel miniature, now produced by Foundry.


Good all-purpose warriors. The guy with the axe is one of my favourites, and has been in everything from D&D to Ars Magica and Fantasy Hero.

Both old Citadel. The axe-wielding maniac is a Chaos Warrior from the Knights of Chaos boxed set, and the Greek fellow was an Adventurer in the original Runequest (2nd ed.) set of boxed miniatures.


Light armour doesn't mean less dangerous! The black-clad female was painted up as a WHFRP elf warrior for my girlfriend's (now wife's) psychotic character. The arab hasn't yet made an appearance on the table as the character he was painted for was killed before the varnish had dried.

Female figure is a Grenadier Amazon champion (now available from Mirliton). The arab is an old Citadel arab thief with a dagger, but with an added (replacement) scimitar from the original plastic skeletons set.


Fire is difficult to represent in solid form, and quite tricky to paint convincingly. I am reasonably happy with this one but might have used a little more yellow. I used flourescent paints to get the "glow" effect. This was created because I had an elemental-happy druid/wizard who wasn't happy unless her enemies were burning.

Scratch-built from milliput.


A source of constant amusement to my gaming group who accuse me of being badger-obsessed. He was created to represent a Champions character who was a sort of... giant were-badger.

Scratch-built over an old Citadel Rat-ogre figure.


This is another character from my past, an AD&D female gnome thief.

A conversion from a halfling with sack, manufacturer sadly forgotten.


Hopefully this guy won't appear regularly! A Call of Cthulhu gug that doubles nicely as a large chaos beast in both Saduria and Warhammer (Roleplay and Battle).

RAFM, obviously from their Call of Cthulhu monsters range.

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